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The office will be happy to schedule an appointment around your schedule where you can see samples and decide on the right options for your home.
If your home is in need of interior or exterior painting, do not try to do it yourself. Instead, hire the expert home painters at Barajas Roofing and Construction of Raleigh, NC.

Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC

Roof Cleaning Raleigh NC & for the Triangle  

At Barajas Roofing and Construction, we are the best roof cleaners in Raleigh North Carolina! Using our safe, low-pressure techniques, we can make your roof look sparkling and new! Roof showing signs of algae or mold growth on the surface? To remove these algae, mold and debris from your roof, we employ the use of our specially formulated and environmentally safe algaecide that kills and dissolves harsh stains, algae and mold cultures. Once they’ve dissolved and died, we rinse with safe, low-pressure techniques so your roof comes out as clean as the day it was built! Call the experts at Barajas Roofing & Construction and they will come clean that roof mold, algae and debris, hassle-free! All it takes is a phone call and your house exterior cleaning problems are solved!